In the day that you eat thereof…

The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and EvilLooking back on our earlier life, it seem obvious, in retrospect, that as a natural by-product of our birth and social development as human beings we grow up eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  As such:

  • We are enthralled by a false image of ourselves.
    • This is often referred to as the carnal mind or the mind of the flesh.
    • It is sometimes referred to, in more modern parlance, as the egoic mind.
    • It is thrown into bold relief as soon as we recognize the “I Am” presence which it has long obscured and away from which it continues to tempt us.
  •  Identifying with this false self-image:
    • We are alienated from the image of God in us (which is our only point of contact with the Good which is absolute and eternal).
    • We are, at the same time, alienated from our fellow human beings (who are erroneously conceived of as separate and other).
    • We become preoccupied with the pursuit or avoidance of that which merely appears to us to be “good” or “evil” (based on our erroneous ideas of self and other in a world where our crude conceptions of time, space, and material existence were mistaken for Reality).
  • Deceived in this way by an erroneous conception of ourselves and our good, we become outcasts from of the garden of God and are cut off from the tree of life.

In the day that you eat thereof...



–> Chapter 5: The Written Word of God

(Download PDF Version)

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