We Have the Mind of Christ


The “carnal mind” (or “egoic mind”) and “the mind of Christ” offer two different “gestalts” or “ways of seeing” reality. What do you see in this picture?

The point at which we recognize the “I Am” presence within us TO BE the living Christ and begin to learn what it means to abide in Him is an occasion of great joy.   Nevertheless,  it is common, at first, to find oneself alternating (more or less frequently) between the carnal mind and the mind of Christ—a kind of oscillation between the perspective of the flesh and the perspective of the Spirit.  For in spite of (and perhaps even because of) our new found joy, it is tempting to begin imagining a future in which all will go smoothly—all according to “our” expectations.  What we fail to appreciate is that by imagining our future in this way, we are forgetting that the Way of life is also the way of the cross.  And by lapsing once again into that mode of thinking which is typical of the carnal mind— imagining ourselves to be separate from the body of Christ as a whole;


But whereas the carnal mind takes sides— sees either “this” or “that”, “good” or “evil” —the mind of Christ sees both and yet transcends both (cf. Matthew 5:48).

thinking, once again, in terms of our good and our evil; attempting again to secure our life and our future well-being in a manner unbefitting of a child of God —we temporarily lay aside the cross, so to speak, and place our hope, once again, in fortune and circumstance as we fantasize about this or that turn of events that we think would be more to our liking.  From this carnal or egoic standpoint, it is inevitable that the apparent trajectory of our life, as we observe it unfolding in space and time, will come into conflict with one or more of our preferences—i.e. with our personal desires or expectations with respect to the future (conceived of in isolation from our place in the body of Christ and God’s will for our life).  As such, it is inevitable that we will be tempted, once again, to despair.

–> Living by Faith      [see also The Boy in the Bubble ]

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