Remaining Present with the Lord

We saw, then, in our study of Living by Faith, that there will always be diversity of opinions in the body of Christ and it is not given to one member to comprehend the purpose and function of all the others.  It is also worth noting the scriptural admonition that we be considerate of others— and gentle with them —whether they are weaker and may be offended by our liberty (I Corinthians 8; cf. Romans 14) or whether they have gone astray, perhaps, and need to be restored in the spirit of meekness (Galatians 6).  In any event, their accountability— and ours —is ultimately to the Lord.  I Am PresenceRather than judging one another harshly, let us encourage one another to remain present with the LORD, abiding in Him as he abides in us (John 15:3-5).  Insofar as we are able, let us give one another the benefit of the doubt as we continue to walk in the light that is given to us.  From within His presence, that which needs to be done IS done.  And by virtue of His peace, we can, together, sort through the topsy-turvy world of our family, community, and political relationships, responding in love to every challenge that presents itself while continuing to live (unconditionally) in the presence of God— here and now —whatever the turn of events (cf. Romans 12:4-18).

–> Living by Faith

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