Reading the Bible in the 21st Century

Language and culture change over time and the rate of change has been accelerating tremendously in the modern and (so-called) post-modern age. As such, it is difficult enough to retain a good sense of the literal meaning of these ancient texts, much less to really stay connected to them in spirit and in truth.  Clearly, some set of hermeneutical principles (or general interpretive framework) is required if we are to begin to make sense of the Bible in the 21st Century.  And while most people absorb some such set of principles as they attend church— or from materials that they read in conjunction with their personal bible study —these sometimes emphasize doctrinal and dogmatic “belief” to the detriment of living faith in the living Word of God.  As such, for those who feel stuck in their current understanding— for those who feel a pressing need to grow in grace and knowledge of the truth —below are some additional interpretive guidelines to consider. These are the same guidelines that are operating (both implicitly and explicitly) in Getting to Know Jesus in the 21st CenturyAs you continue study the written word, consider the possibility that:

1. The written word points to the Living Word.

2.  The “I Am” Presence within us IS the living Christ.

3. “Faith” or “Belief” ≈ Trust and Reliance

4. The Carnal Mind ≈ The Egoic Mind

5. The Cross of Christ is Our Cross

Click here (or on the link, below) to read more about each of these.

–> Reading the Bible in the 21st Century

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