42 Reasons to Live!

“If anyone went on for a thousand years asking of life: ‘Why are you living?’ life, if it could answer, would only say, ‘I live so that I may live.’ That is because life lives out of its own ground and springs from its own source, and so it lives without asking why it is itself living. ”  ~ Meister Eckhart

Don't Panic!If the title of this post is misleading, I apologize.  But when we have to look for reasons to live, clearly we are in some way (or to some degree) alienated from the Way, the Truth and the LifeBut don’t panic!  For if we cannot offer 42 reasons to live, we can offer 42 pointers to the wellspring of life–to the “I Am” presence which is the living ChristAs always, whosoever will may come and drink of the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17; cf. John 7:37-38).

Below, presented in reverse order, are the 42 most popular posts from the Yeshua21 Blog since its inception, late last June.  To be honest, the search engine statistics indicate that the most popular post, We Have The Mind of Christ, is very often visited by people searching for gestalt images.  Who knows how many of them actually read it!?  Nevertheless, it is what it is–see what you think!  And thank you for visiting Yeshua21.Com!  Your presence— in every sense of the word –is very much appreciated.  Feel free to post comments or questions at any point along the way.  I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing additional pointers throughout the coming year.

42.  The Universality of Christ

41.  The Good IS Here & Now

40.  7. Let Us Walk in the Spirit

39.  I Am…

38.  Abiding in Christ

37.  Afterword

36.  Lean Into This Moment

35.  The Everlasting Rock

34.  Check Out Door Number Three!

33.  6. Living By Faith

32.  Now is the Accepted Time…

31.  Jesus Is Coming Soon (parousia)

30.  All the Way to Heaven is Heaven

29.  “Faith” or “Belief” ≈ Trust and Reliance

28.  The Light of the World

27.  3. The Living Word of God

26.  The Cross of Christ is Our Cross

25.  The Secret is to Die Before You Die

24.  Repent: The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

23.  The Gate of the Lord

22.  I Am with you always…

21.  Sin, Suffering, & Grace

20.  Living Water / Divine Intelligence

19.  5. The Written Word of God

18.  I Am Present with the Lord

17.  The Gift of God

16.  Jonah: Reluctant Obedience

15.  4. Getting to Know Jesus

14.  2. The Image of God in You

13.  Foolishly Lost in Thought…

12.  Foreword

11.  Take No Thought…

10.  Living Faith in a Nutshell

09.  The Boy in the Bubble

08.  Reading the Bible in the 21st Century

07.  1. “Belief” versus “Faith”

06.  The “I Am” Presence within us IS the Living Christ

05.  A Spiritual Exercise

04.  Take Up Your Cross…

03.  Critical Reflections on Bible Based Belief Systems

02.  The Beginning is Near

#1.  We Have the Mind of Christ

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2 Responses to 42 Reasons to Live!

  1. baronesque@aol.com says:

    42? Looks like 50 to me. That’s OK. Maybe a different number system.

    • yeshua21 says:

      oops! 😉

      Of course I could say that there are indeed 42 (included in the total of 50), but the fact is that I just forgot to delete the extra 8 (after deciding to limit the list to 42). Thanks for noticing! 🙂

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