A Myth is a Story…

Adam and EveSometimes a myth is a story that is true on the inside whether or not it happens to be true on the outside. Whether or not Adam and Eve ever actually existed– and whether or not the gospel accounts are historical in every respect –these traditions ring true inasmuch as they reflect:

1) our innocence in the garden of God (cf. infancy and early childhood)
2) our eating the forbidden fruit (cf. the formation of the egoic mind, our perception of duality, and our growing sense of alienation)
3) our egoistic pursuit of happiness and/or security in some combination of:

  • sensual indulgence
  • material prosperity
  • social recognition
  • legalistic (and/or ascetic) ideals

4) the possibility of a moment of clarity that reveals the emptiness and/or futility of # 3
5) the possibility of recognizing the light of the world– aka the Way, the Truth, and the Life –through which we are reconciled to God (by way of the cross)
6) the possibility of finding perfect peace and rest in “aware presence” and “alert stillness” (cf. the peace of Jesus)
7) the possibility of participating fully in the flow of life, here and now (one life, transcendent and immanent…  A new creation that is at once holy human and wholly Divine).

Good News!  Take up your cross!  The kingdom of heaven is at hand!  🙂

–> That We May Know Him…



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1 Response to A Myth is a Story…

  1. YJ, this is awesome. I enjoy the pearls cast before me by your post. I will try not to snuffle. Again, thanks for this post. Better not let the biblical jingoists catch on, though…

    Oh, yeah, that’s right … you’ll simply tell them “These are not the ‘droids you’re looking for.”

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