Critical Thinking

Think about it

think-about-itIs your acceptance or rejection of a particular proposition primarily a matter of:

  • Logic?
  • Empirical evidence?
  • Indoctrination or conditioning?
  • Ideological and/or practical commitments?
  • Fearful or wishful thinking?

To what extent do your commitments (or does your conditioning; or do your hopes and fears) influence your consideration of the evidence?

Insofar as you offer empirical evidence in favor of your position(s),  is there any imaginable evidence that would change your mind?

–> Critical Reflections on Bible-Based Belief Systems

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2 Responses to Critical Thinking

  1. Don Swenson says:

    I like your blog. Keep up the good work of educating the masses. I am: D

  2. Dave Deming says:

    The answer to all of your questions is … “Yes” … and maybe sometimes … “It depends” … or even … “Maybe sometimes.”

    I love ya, YJ.

    Which reminds me of something I will be voicing on my blog soon …

    So much of Christian mysticism literature that I have seen lately reports on the similarity and synchronicity of … well, vsions of God/godhead … from Christian mystics across the millenia and from/with different “Wisdom Traditions” from around the world.

    The reported result … they all tend to come up with similar reports of the relational nature of God and similar reports on methods of access to and then the revelations received when in the presence of God/godhead.

    I wonder if there is not a different interpretation. When one conducts the same experiment over and over with the same variables controlled, one would expect the same result. But what do we atually learn about the system in such circumstances? Not much more than what all the other experimenters have learned!

    I have an alternative analysis to suggest. Coming soon.

    Dave “the Hermit”

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