The Treasure Within

Note:  This is the second in a series of posts featuring excerpts from The Spirit of Prayer, by William Law.

The Testimony in Our Hearts[Pryr-1.2-8] . . . consider the Treasure thou hast within Thee, the Saviour of the World, the eternal Word of God lies hid in Thee, as a Spark of the Divine Nature, which is to overcome Sin and Death, and Hell within Thee, and generate the Life of Heaven again in thy Soul. Turn to thy Heart, and thy Heart will find its Saviour, its God within itself. Thou seest, hearest, and feelest nothing of God, because thou seekest for Him abroad with thy outward Eyes, thou seekest for Him in Books, in Controversies, in the Church, and outward Exercises, but there thou wilt not find him, till thou hast first found Him in thy Heart. Seek for Him in thy Heart, and thou wilt never seek in vain, for there He dwelleth, there is the Seat of his Light and Holy Spirit.


  • There is a treasure within us…
  • The Word of God — A Spark of the Divine
  • Turn to your heart and your heart will find this treasure…
  • The Truth of Christ is not to be found in books and controversies…
  • The heart is the seat of his Light and Holy Spirit…

–> “Faith” or “Belief” ≈ Trust and Reliance

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2 Responses to The Treasure Within

  1. Robert Spires says:

    William L:aw’s ” Freedom From A Self-Centered Life” changed my life as regards to self-pity, blaming others, etc.

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