The Pearl of Eternity

Note:  This is the fourth in a series of posts featuring excerpts from The Spirit of Prayer, by William Law.

The Pearl of Eternity[Pryr-1.2-10] Awake then, thou that Sleepest, and Christ, who from all Eternity has been espoused to thy Soul, shall give Thee Light. Begin to search and dig in thine own Field for this Pearl of Eternity, that lieth hidden in it; it cannot cost Thee too much, nor canst thou buy it too dear, for it is All, and when thou has found it, thou wilt know, that all which thou hast sold or given away for it, is as mere a Nothing, as a Bubble upon the Water.

[Pryr-1.2-11] But if thou turnest from this heavenly Pearl, or tramplest it under thy Feet, for the sake of being Rich, or Great, either in Church or State, if Death finds Thee in this Success, thou canst not then say, that though the Pearl is lost, yet something has been gained instead of it. For in that parting Moment, the Things, and the Sounds of this World, will be exactly alike; to have had an Estate, or only to have heard of it, to have lived at Lambeth twenty Years, or only have twenty Times passed by the Palace, will be the same Good, or the same Nothing to Thee.


  • From all eternity, Christ has been espoused– i.e. given in marriage –to our Soul.
  • When we awaken, Christ gives us Light.
  • This is the Pearl of Eternity which is hidden in our own field.
  • This Pearl is ALL — no price we can pay for it will be too high.
  • In contrast, anything we give priority over it will come to light as NOTHING.
    • To have owned an Estate will  be no better than to have heard of it…
    • To have lived on an Estate will be no better than to have passed by it…

Law goes on to explain that The Pearl of Eternity is:

  1. the Light and Spirit of God within you…
  2. the Wisdom and Love of God within you…
  3. the Peace and Joy of God within you…
  4. the Church, or Temple of God within you…

–>  The Spirit of Prayer, by William Law (Part I, Chapter II)

[The entire work in a variety of formats– including MP3 –is available here…]

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