I Surrender All

the lens of the separate self3It’s difficult not to see ourselves and our lives through the lens of the separate self–i.e. the egoic mind that is preoccupied with “my good” and “my evil” on the horizontal plane.  But we also have the mind of Christ and the power of the Spirit and, by virtue of this vertical orientation, have the option of “walking in the light as he is in the light” (I John 1:7).

I Am Crucified with ChristOf course, the egoic mind— the little control freak that is naturally reluctant to relinquish its throne –co-opts this verse and turns it into a legalistic burden. But when we truly take up our cross and present our bodies a living sacrifice — holding nothing back — we find there is no necessary conflict between the exigencies of life and the peace of Jesus.  The turn of events ebb and flow– time and chance happeneth to all –but the gift of God is with us always.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand; within us; among us–spread out upon the earth (albeit, invisible to the carnal/egoic mind).


As such, the Way of Life and the Way of the Cross are one.  When we are ready to relinquish control of our life on the horizontal plane (i.e. to be crucified with Christ) we cross the the threshold of eternity NOW (being raised with him in newness of life).  Whosoever will may come and drink of the water of life freely…

“The Now is no mere nodal point between the past and the future. It is the seat and region of the Divine Presence itself…. The Now contains all that is needed for the absolute satisfaction of our deepest cravings…. In the Now we are at home at last.” (Thomas Kelly, “A Testament of Devotion”)

–>  Now is the Accepted Time…

The Water of Life

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2 Responses to I Surrender All

  1. Pamela Lillyblad says:

    Not sure where to comment. But thanks for the email.

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  2. larry riedinger says:

    VERY good stuff!
    Turning our will and our live to the care of God is foundational to recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

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