Skeptic’s Corner

Note to Sincere Skeptics and Honest Critics:  The purpose of this blog (and the little book after which it is named) is to point more or less directly (by means of traditional modes of Christian discourse) to the “I Am” presence which is Christ-in-you, while sidestepping, insofar as possible, both dogmatic beliefs and skeptical critiques, each of which have their place, but both of which can be very distracting.  But just to be clear, from the outset, there is no need to accept any doctrine or dogma that seems false to you—or to give your unqualified assent to any proposition that seems doubtful.   Nothing that is said herein should be taken simply “on faith” (in the way that expression is ordinarily used or misused).  Please understand that the biblical texts cited herein are employed illustratively and inspirationally—they are not offered as “proof-texts.”   The written word points to the living Word.  And when it comes to the living Word, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Having said that, however, please understand that many of your critical concerns are fully understood and acknowledged:

–> Critical Reflections on Bible Based Belief Systems

–> Our Sunday School Theology

–>  Is the Doctrine of Hell Defensible?

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